Travel with VR Archviz Studio

Travel with VR is an Architecture Visualisation studio providing its solutions locally and internationally , with projects in Cyprus , Greece , United Kingdom , Malta , The Netherlands , Germany , Australia and more. Assisting our clients showcasing their developments to local and international buyers , is our main priority.

Short Story

Travel with VR has started its journey in 2018 with the introduction of 360 Video Storytelling in the city of Barcelona , Spain. Its main activities by the time was in the travel industry , showcasing experiences and prestigious hotels. Travelers had the opportunity to immerse themselves into the places and get to know the potentials through Virtual reality. On a later stage the company finds inspiration through architecture developments and introduce new solutions of computer generated images and animations in the industry. In a rapid real estate growth of Cyprus , demand for such solutions had a warm embrace by architects and property developers all over the island. The opportunity to provide visual communications doesn’t stop by the sea boardens but a new ground on global real estate developments had its way to reach. We created a range of solutions and experiences by trial and error and by consecutive visuals we see that every client is different but all with a common aspect , storytelling. Every building has its own story depending in its location and structure , we understand this and we create things differently to meet our client needs.

Our people